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PUŠČA largest Roma settlement in Slovenia
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Mag. Jožek Horvat – Muc, a renowned Slovene Romologist, is the author of a monograph on Pušča – a Roma settlement near Murska Sobota. He placed the cultural heritage of…

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EU Roma strategic framework
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The European Commission has on 7 October 2020 adopted a new 10-year plan, including a proposal for a Council Recommendation, to support Roma in the EU. There are seven key…

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CoE Strategic action plan for Roma and Traveller inclusion (2020-2025)
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The Council of Europe’s Committee of Ministers has on 22 January 2020 adopted the Strategic Action Plan for Roma and Traveller Inclusion 2020-2025 to combat anti-Gypsyism and discrimination and to…

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Members of European Parliament demand action to end Roma exclusion
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European Parliament: EU must do more against social exclusion and anti-gypsyism In a resolution adopted on Thursday with 545 votes to 96 and 54 abstentions, Parliament stresses that, due to…

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